I’m very proud of your recital performance and how comfortable you are in front of people! Going forward, we can still work on getting faster at note reading – that will require extra concentration during the lessons and also when you’re practicing at home. Let’s focus on “Traffic Jam 2nds” and “This is Not Jingle Bells”. Remember that Traffic Jam 2nds has lots of seconds, which go from space to line, or line to space. This is Not Jingle Bells has thirds, which go from a space to the next space, or a line to the next line. Also, next week, don’t forget to show me the song you’ve been working on on your own!


For next week, practice the two scales I gave you – G Major (which has one sharp – f-sharp) and C Major (no sharps or flats). Also work on your new song, “French Lullaby” – focus especially on the two places where the left hand shifts to a new position. There are only two more songs in the book after this – let’s make it our goal to finish the book before the end of the year!


You’re a very quick learner when it comes to reading notes! Two ways to practice reading notes for your pieces this week are to say the note names while you play them, and also by paying attention to when the notes go up, down, or change directions. Your three new songs for this week are “Rain Rain” (for the left hand), “A Happy Song” for the right hand, and “A Happy Song” for both hands. Have patience because learning to read notes requires a lot of patience, but if you learn it really well now, that will make learning the rest of your pieces much easier in the future.


Nice work on “Good King Weneclas”. Let’s keep working on “The Rainbow”. Remember the difference between Adagio (very slow) and Andante (not as slow). Focus on the tricky last line and practice those notes as chords. Your new pieces are “Good Morning to You” and “Happy Birthday” – practice “Happy Birthday” by clapping the rhythm. This will help you with eighth notes for your future pieces as well. Also, I want you to practice the C Major Scale and G Major Scale – don’t forget that G Major has an F-Sharp!