• Czerny No. 1:
    Good work on playing HT, clean up chord changes, and practice playing a little faster.
  • Czerny No. 2: prepare LH
  • Bourée (pg. 24) – DONE
  • Gigue in A major (pg. 48) – Separate hands – practice the notes. Count! Check rhythm. Careful of lifts, slurs, staccato.
  • Clementi – sonatina in C, movement 1: RH prepare, LH if time
  • theory: practice clapping rhythm on pg. 34

Recommended practice: daily, 45mins each time


  • Pg. 29 “The Measure” – Done!
  • Pg. 30 “Ode to Joy” – Sing letter names while playing.
  • Pg. 31 “Sea Story” – NEW. check position of fingers on piano. Sing letter names while playing

recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 20mins each time


  • Pg. 24 “Cat Patrol” – practice hands together, entire piece
  • Pg. 18 “Rage over a lost penny” – Done!
  • pg. 20-21 “Playing lead sheet” – review LH chords & RH melody separately
  • Scales – revise and play all scales that are at the back of your notebook
  • Theory – complete page 36

recommended practice: at least 5 times a week, 30mins each time


  • Pg. 20, music track 7
    • stick the coloured stars I’ve given (it’s in an envelope clipped to the page of the book) on your own piano according to the example on page 20. Make sure the colour matches the correct key on the piano.
    • first, sing while pointing to the stars on the page
    • then, using the page 20 & 21 as a guide, find those coloured stars on the piano, and play
  • Pg. 23, music track 9
    • focus on playing 2 black keys and then 3 black keys
  • Pg. 24, music track 10 – sing  along!

recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 15mins each time


  • Bach Minuet – learn separate hands, make sure to keep your eyes on the score
  • Lalaland – bring in the piece you’d like to learn
  • Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – print out the PDF and work on the first page, RH

recommended practice: daily, at least 30mins each time


  • Pg. 8 “Firefly” DONE!
  • Pg. 10 ” Little River” Done!
  • pg. 11 “Sailing in the sun” – slow practice, work on coordination between hands!
  • Pg. 12 Ferris Wheel – slow practice, keep counting! And be careful of swapping hands
  • Pg. 14 “Mexican Jumping Beans” – new!
  • Pg. 15 “Haunted Mouse” – new!


  • Green Frog Hop: done!
  • On top of Old Smoky – done!
  • A Jazzy Song for Mr Bach – done!
  • Festive March – a little faster, pedal, dynamics!
  • alpine melody – New!
  • Something just like this – NEW.




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