Hello Everybody!

We hope you are having a great summer. This note is to ask you for your assistance with a survey, and to also ask you to let you know about a Zoom issue that you may need to take some action on.

Many of you are likely curious about plans for the fall, which we will keep you informed of. Since we rely on provincial, municipal, teacher, family, and then business guidance, there are too many moving pieces to make any reliable decisions at this point. We will, however, make your ability to participate at your level of comfort our priority – stay tuned!

Survey & Prize – Even if you aren’t taking classes!

We are always looking to deliver the best family class learning experience with our Music Together and Rhythm Kids classes. Regardless of the public health situation, this has not changed.

Please click here and complete our survey, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $60 gift card to Skip-the-Dishes.

Not taking classes right now but took classes this last school year? GREAT – Please fill it out, we need your input!

This survey is really important to us, so we’ll be most grateful for your replies.

Zoom Issue – Live Summer Classes

We have had a couple of calls about some of you not being able to access classes.  If you have had any trouble and not let us know, please call us now and let us know what day/time you have been unsuccessful with. 

In the meantime, we have reached out to Zoom to investigate if there are any technical problems we are unaware of, and have our team removing and reinstalling the software on their devices. 

We would like you to also remove/reinstall Zoom now, in case this is a culprit that requires a clean reinstall or upgrade.  Please remove the software altogether rather than just take the upgrade path.  On desktop there is a ‘remove’ option under the zoom.us menu.   

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this, and also your feedback, so please call us if you have anything on your mind that will help your (and others’) experience.  416-651-7529