Recommended Practice Time: 10-15

What to Practice: Thrash Unreal by Against Me!, triads/inversions

How to Practice Effectively: Focus on the bridge section for Thrash Unreal, take it slow at first and loop it until you’re comfortable, speeding it up once you get it down. Listen to the song for where to place the accented downstrokes (they are a little different than what we thought, mostly just on 2 & 4). Once these two things are there we’ll check out the lead part and have this tune in the bag. For the triads take time to memorize the order of major/minor and play them up and down each set of string. For an extra challenge try playing this in a new key other than G major (C, A, D are all good options).

Good work this week! We got a little theory heavy but you put the effort in and got it. Keep with it and it’ll become second nature!


Recommended Practice Time: 5 minutes daily (Practice Video)

What to practice: Rhythm/lead to Crazy on You, F scale.

How to practice Effectively: Take time to practice going from chord to chord before stringing the whole progression together, look for common notes between chords (save yourself some movement), and look for shapes and similarities in the chords; guitar is a visual instrument, and it makes it easier to play and remember when you look at this way!

Good stuff Aarna, keep up the work!


Recommended practice time: 5 minutes daily

What to practice: Rhythm to Staring at the Sun by U2, F scale. (Practice video)

How to practice effectively: Have patience, and take time to memorize the chord shapes and the names that go with them. Being able to play them without thinking about where the fingers go will translate to more time playing and less time thinking about playing. It’ll come, and was coming along during the lesson. If you practice this a handful of times before next week you’ll see big improvements!

Solid work Aarnav.


Hey Simon, hope your test went well for school and everything else is going well!
I’d like you to take a look at the first three pages of “Chord Theory” for next week. If there’s anything there that doesn’t make sense, note those questions and we will go over it during our next lesson.