Declan – practice the middle 8  bars of  “eight days a week”. Remember your thumb position. Parents, 15 minutes a day.

Griffin – “light em up”, practice playing all chords on time. Parents, make sure ther is 15 minutes a day practice.

Simon- practice “Andante” ‘s # 4&5 playing both melody and bass together. Also review The Galaxy Song. Parents, 15 minutes a day practice.

Arianna –  practice “time in a bottle” especially the newer part. Remember, 3/4 is the time signature. Check out  “Danny Says”.

Juri –  practice scales and chords for warmup and then “eight days a week” get from one chord to the next smoothly. Parents, 15 minutes a day practice.

josh – chords for ” Crazy little thing….” Getting to each chord fast and smooth, then practice “breathe”. Parents, listen to “dark side of the moon” with  Josh. 15 minutes a day practice.

Devis – scales with proper fingering. Practice Eminor scale and chord. Remember thumb position and not to pluck to hard. Parents please see to it that Devis brings his notes to class in a binder every week and practices 15 minutes a day.