Practise the Another One Bites the Dust beat with the drum fill we worked on at the end of every bar. Practise with a metronome at 50 bpm (beats per minute). Once you can do that comfortably, try it at 60 bpm. Then try it at 70 bpm, which is this week’s tempo goal. Each metronome click equals a quarter note.


  • Print this sheet to work on. Only do numbers 1-4. Practise them with a metronome. Start with the metronome at 50 bpm (beats per minute). Once you feel comfortable with that tempo, raise it to 60 bpm. Then 70. Then 80. You can go faster if you’d like, but 80 is fine for now. The clicks of the metronome represent quarter notes, so they should occur at the same time as your bass drum and hi-hat notes.
  • Practise the beat from Immigrant Song along to a metronome at 50 bpm. Then increase the tempo to 60. Then to 70. You can go faster if you’d like, but 70 is fine for now.


  • Here is a clearer copy of the limb independence exercises we worked on. The exercises may not be exactly what you have written, but they will still be helpful. Practise them with a metronome at 40 bpm (beats per minute). Each metronome click equals one quarter note.
  • Practise the accent patterns Pino gave you where the right-hand accents are played on the floor tom and the left-hand accents are played on the high tom. The only difference is that this time, I want you to play quarter notes on the bass drum, too. You do not need to alternate between the accent patterns and the drum beats written above them, like you did last week. Play along to a metronome at 40 bpm.


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