Hey everyone! I had a great time working with you today, and saw some really great improvement. Everyone reached important milestones today in their own way, it was fantastic!!!

Ella– Work on the opening beat and fill for Another One Bites the Dust. You can play the rhythms no problem, so I want you to really focus on getting the feel the way we talked about. Keep the beats really heavy and the offbeats very light.

Eric– Work on paradiddle exercises, independence exercise, and Immigrant Song. All of these are written out on the back of your Back in Black page. It is all pretty straightforward so I don’t have much to say about it, exceopt that you have to give it some time before the independence starts to sink in. It will be frustrating at first when your arms and legs don’t cooperate, but soon they will click and you’ll find you’re able to do a lot of cool things!!

Sylvie– Work on beats 1-8 with the three written out fills the way we did today. Learn the fills alone slowly, then bring them up to around 80 bpm if you can. When you’re ready, work on playing a beat, then playing a fill, then going back to the beat. Take your time with these, I know they’re tricky.

I hope you all enjoy our lessons as much as I do!!! Please get in contact with Barnaby or the ABC administration if you have any questions for me over the week. Otherwise, happy practicing!!



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