Slurred String Crossing

  • When working on backwards, really think of pronating the bow arm slightly when you are in the middle to upper half, especially during string crossings so it is smoother
  • flatter bow hair on lower strings

G major

  • practice with metronome on quarter notes, and play the scale with eighth notes
  • practice with metronome on eithghth notes
  • shifting with round fingers
  • make sure to always practice slowly before fast-ly


  • round tall fingers
  • left arm a little lower on the A string

Sitting in the Shade

  • 2nd finger closer to first finger in 2nd position
  • great dynamics!
  • pay special attention to the unisons (open D and D in 2nd position on G string)
  • practice D-D on a string 4 to 2

Bugle call

  • artificial harmonics: only one finger at a time, pitches will sounds higher than indicated
  • must be in exactly right spot
  • Start near frog
  • make sure dotted rhythm is exact
  • count out rhythm: clap first with metronome: 50-60

Bring tennis ball for next week: we will learn vibrato

Long Long Ago

  • metronome: theme and variation need to be the same tempo. Slowing down for string crossings in variation
  • increase overall tempo: start at 60 make your way to 75
  • Practice with a C drone