Hey everyone! Hears a reminder of what we talked about today.

Ella- Work on Girlfriend in a Coma beat nice and slow and try to move it forward throughout the week. The feel of it is getting really good!! Keep that up and it’ll be killer pretty soon. Also, take a look at the fills I wrote out and see if you could play those along wirth the track. See if you could get around 30 minutes of practice every day going over this stuff and it will be ready for next week!

Eric- Try to get Immigrant Song up to tempo (110). Start at 86 like we did today and keep moving up from there a bit at a time. Make sure that you’re feet stay relaxed, and if you tense up just slow back down and work it up again. Try to listen to some of the fills too and work on those a bit. We’ll be ready to finish the whole song this week!

Sylvie- Work on the independence exercises, bossa nova, and 12/8 exercises with the ride cymbal variations. Try to build up all the tempos over the next two weeks, but don’t worry if you can’t get all of it going, there’s a lot of stuff! Have fun in Quebec!!

Emily- Try to get the three written beats and the In Bloom beat up to tempo this week. Do like we did in the lesson, start really slow and break it down into pieces.

See you all next week, everyone did great today!!!