Hi everyone! great job today, I was thrilled to see you all put in a lot of work and improved greatly. Here is what I would like you to do in order to continue this progress.

Ella- Work up the beat in full with the right feel like we worked on today. Start at 60 bpm and see if you can work all the way up to 106 by next week. It was getting really nice today so I’m sure you’ll have no problem nailing it for next time. Take look at the fills too, practice them alone as written then along with the track. Make a note of where they come in during the song so we can pick them out during the lesson. The way its going, we’ll soon be done with this one, so start thinking about what song you want to tackle next and start listening to it a bunch.

Eric- Work on playing perfectly in time! Please do what we talked about with the metronome. Our tempo for the week is 90, so start at 16th notes (360) then eighths (180) then to 90, 45, and 22.5 (22 or 23). If you can line up with the metronome when it is only clicking every 4 or 8 beats, you’ll be golden! And start listening to USSR and try to get a grip on the form of the song for when we start it next week.

Sylive- Work on variation 2 of our 12/8 exercises which I wrote out today. See if you can get the metronome up to 68 beats for the dotted quarter note (one click for every three 8th notes). Your coordination is getting to be so good, this will only make it even better!

Emily- Try to get all written beats up to 100 bpm, especially focus on the In Bloom beats and see if you can get them to 112 (the actual tempo of the song). They way you’ve been approaching it has been great and very effective so keep it up!

I look forward to seeing you all next week, keep up the great playing and have fun!!!