Hello Team,

There are a few areas to touch base on as we approach the end of the academic year.

Mail Slots

Please empty all your mail slots of any non-essential items at your next visit.  If you have reports and certificates that have not gone out, they are way overdue, and you should get them out now.  If your students have discontinued and you have these materials for them, please return them to the desk and we will make sure they get to the students.

Coffee Station

As the weather has slowly arrived at spring-like conditions, so have the bugs begun to appear, particularly ants.  Please take care that you do not spill sugar at the coffee station, and if you do, please wipe it up.  Likewise, the sugar has been left open on a number of occasions now, and this will be easy for ants to get into.  Kindly close it after each use.

Also, please try to get excess drops off your spoons so they don’t leak out from the bottom of the dirty spoon container, making for a sticky mess.

The concern for bugs extends to food, as well.  Please be aware.

Software Switch

We are moving to a new software system for scheduling, beginning this week.  We’ve chosen to do this at our slow time of the year, to allow for a learning curve, and to give us time to explore all of the options.  With any luck, we’ll be able to grant you access to this online system for instant views of your schedule, up-to-date, in real time.  This should be ready by mid-to late August.

Summer Lesson Schedule

Due to the switch to the new software platform, we recommend that you check the schedule in the binder at the desk.  We are currently looking reasonably busy for some of you, and not so much for others.  We still have some efforts underway for promotion, so I expect some change between now and the end of the month.  Checking each time you are in for the remaining weeks is a recommended plan.