Welcome and Welcome Back!

We had a great first week and demo class this past week, and met some really great new friends.  In order to help you get going on the new music, we’ll be doing the same music in Week 2 that we did in week 1 – mostly music from last year’s collections.

Week 2 Music

Here are the songs for week 2:

  • Hello Song
  • Trot Ol’ Joe
  • Celebration Song
  • Breezes
  • Allee Galloo
  • A Ram Sam Sam (from this fall’s ‘Fiddle’ collection)
  • Stick Tune
  • Dancing with Teddy
  • Walking Song (from this fall’s ‘Fiddle’ collection)
  • Brahms’ Lullabye
  • Goodbye, So Long

For New Families (and existing parents, too!)

Take advantage of these first few weeks to start asking yourself where you can incorporate music and musical play in your day-to-day lives.  You would be surprised where you can use music, from obvious places like mornings, meal times, or songs that refer to specific times/events in your life, to challenging yourself to bring out music in a place where you might not usually think of it; a diaper change, a temper tantrum, anything!  Creativity and challenging yourself as a parent to make music is so important.

The key for musical development with your children is to make it a part of everyday life, just like eating, brushing teeth, cooking, etc.  Your act of doing shows your children that it is good to express yourself and play musically.  If you feel shy in class, throw yourself into music at home.  With enough musical play at home, you’ll feel more and more comfy in class, and build confidence with your child.  Parents can get a lot out of these classes, too!

Lastly (for now), remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to the music in our collections.  Sharing your tastes with your child is equally important.  There is so much music in the world, and while we have a great diversity in our collections, sharing things you like makes a big impact on your kids – and you shouldn’t hold back!  Kids are so naturally expressive, and depending on their age you can watch for all sorts of great signals (more in class about this) that can guide you to their musical development.  Here is a great video of a kid who clearly knows what he likes, and it is so obvious on his face!  Enjoy, and see you in class!