Hello Parents!


If you are a new subscriber to ABC Academy’s news feed, some of our most regular posts will be song lists for our wonderful babies/toddlers/preschool program, Music Together.  This will keep our parents in the class learning the new songs, and we’ll try to group multiple weeks into each post, so they aren’t too frequent.  That’s not the case with the post this time, but I’m sure you’ll forgive us!

  • Can you do what I do?
  • Breezes
  • Drummers Marching
  • Maria Isabel
  • I’m Hiding
  • Skip to my Lou
  • Rolling a Round Ball
  • Stick Dance
  • Baa Baa, Little Star
  • Ally Bally

I recommend taking a moment to focus your intention on a couple of areas as we are now half-way through the semester.

What songs don’t you know?  Spend time listening to those songs and try to make them your ‘favourite’ for a couple of weeks.  Challenge yourselves at home to sing them with and to your child, and inventing silly play and actions to go along with them.    The sillier, the better!

What songs do you find challenging?  If you find any particular song a challenge, crack open your songbook and take a look at the notes.  Your songbooks are amazing resources for you to get ideas, direction, and information that will give you some extra confidence to try things at home – or even in class!  We keep our eyes open to the actions of students and parents, so if you do something that is spontaneous in the class, and we see it, we’ll follow you!

Looking forward to singing with you in class this week!