New Design, Features, Benefits

We’re excited to introduce our new website for ABC Academy of Music.  It’s been a long time coming, and there are some really great features available, or coming soon!  It is our hope that this will help to answer questions for both new and existing parents, but also to provide an ongoing line of communication to parents.

Subscribing Here for News, Schedule updates

We’ll be installing a subscription box on this page very soon, and will be entering all emails for families that we have on file.  We’ll try to set that up so that you can un-subscribe if you like, but we recommend staying on for important news, and schedule information.  It is getting harder to be in good touch with our parents as we get bigger as a school, and while we are committed to keeping in close touch, this will just be one extra place you can get information – automatically to your email, as it is posted!  If you need more information then what you get in your email, we’ll be just a click away!

Music Together Weekly Song Lists

We’ll hope to post our lesson plans here for parents to check, just in case you want to do a little extra singing and listening at home.  We don’t think you should feel obliged to check these lists, but sometimes, especially in the early part of a semester, it is good to have a bit of a guide to what is coming up.  As a tip – we always try to do the same thing in the first two weeks, and also overlap some of the music from the previous semester so you don’t feel totally out of touch with what is going on – we certainly have a challenge when there is new music, so we hope to make it an easy transition for you!

Rates & Policies

This website will now act as our hub for any rate or policy changes, and we recommend that you stay informed by checking in on these areas from time to time.

Watch this space!

There are more changes coming, and we’re excited to make this a vital and useful space for you to visit.  Please consider giving us a ‘Like’ or a +1…this helps us get the word out about our school!