Hi everyone! Good work today. Here is what I would like for you to practice for next time.

Aidan- Also check out Teoria.com which is a music theory site. From the main site, select exercises, then under Music Theory, select Reading, then Clef Reading. Set it up to look like this, or change the highlighted “Note” to “Visual keyboard” and do the exercises.

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Jonathan- Get Swing Sheet C up to number 10 for next time. You are well prepared to take these on now! In addition, work on getting your swing beat up to 220. Focus mostly on playing the quarter notes then drop in a few of the swung inner notes. Do this until it becomes a regular swing pattern. Next, look at the Miller book pages 13 and 14. Pick a new routine from the intro each day and read through the exercises on these pages with those instructions.

Sam- Create two beats on Garage Band and two on NoteFlight. They can be as long or as short as you like.

Harry- Look through your Essential Elements xylophone book up to Page 9. Try to focus on reading them, rather than memorizing them.

Ali- Finish up looking through Lesson 5, and the written out independence exercises. Any variation on the independence exercises would be welcome too.

Hope you have fun with this, see you all next week!