Hello everyone! Thanks for the great work . as always!! Here is what I would like for you to work on.

Sebastian- Great to meet you! Please keep working on the rock beat that we did during the lesson. I’ll bring a bunch of new materials for us to start looking at next week, looking forward to it!

Eric- Work on getting Megalovania up to tempo. See if you can pick out what the fills are and start playing them. In the mean time, listen to Take on Me a few times and try to get familiar with the form of the song. I’ll have a chart for next time.

Jonah- Great job today bud, thank you for the focus!! This week, please try to come up with 3 more beats to show me, and keep working on your fill! Remember how we did it in class, play a beat, straight into the fill, then straight back into the beat.

Noah- Work on Lesson 3 and try to get it all the way to 90 BPM. If you can’t get to 90 that’s okay, just try to increase the tempo a bit each day.

Sylvie- Keep doing Teoria, and try to get a little bit quicker at it each time. This is something that gets much better if you remember to do it a bit each day, maybe only 10 minutes a day and you’ll get faster and faster! Also, try to write out 4 new beats and bring them to the lesson, along with the ones from last week.

Koel- Look at Lesson 4 and try to get it up to 90 BPM. If you can’t get to 90 that’s okay, just try to increase the tempo a bit each day. Here is a link to the packet for you to print (sorry I didn’t include it in your stack!) https://drive.google.com/file/d/12q21Pa0ouqLu4ufYaFwdcrPqMH-Sdn3A/view?usp=sharing

Sampson- Look at the bottom line of Lesson 2 as well at beats 1-20 on Lesson 3. Always play these with a metronome, set at a tempo that is comfortable for you to play. As you progress through the week, try to bring the tempo up slightly.

Thanks again everyone, I’ll see you all soon. Have fun practicing!!