Hi everyone, it was great to see you all again today! Please practice this for your next lesson with Jonny and show him what we worked on.

Will- Take a look at Lesson 5 in this packet.
Do just like we did in the lesson, separate the beat into halves, and cut in half again if that’s still too much. Gradually bring it together slowly and you’ll get it. Try to get everything up to 80 bpm on the metronome for next time.

Elliot- Take a look at the disco sheet I gave you today. Focus half of your time on getting the accent pattern in the first beat, then the other half on learning the rest of the beats without the accents for now. If you look along really carefully and start slow and steady, you’ll get them all!

Alexy- Keep working on When I Come Around and try to get everything up to tempo. For the new fills, start them nice and slow just to make sure they are rock solid, then speed them up and incorporate them into the song.

Nate- Check out the reggae section in Spirit of the Radio and work on transitioning between the reggae beat and the rock beat. For xylophone, take a look at this website Teoria. From the main site, select exercises, then under Music Theory, select Reading, then Clef Reading. Set it up to look like this image, or change“Note” to “Visual keyboard”.

Emily- Have In Bloom ready to play all the way through. Also, practice playing the open hi hat beats with fills in between as a warm up. Try it with a metronome to make sure everything is in time.

Good job today, hope to see you all soon!