Eric- Practice Swing Sheet B this week at a slow comfortable tempo. I would like you to be able to play one beat, go into a fill, and come out on the next beat. Try this a few times on only two beats then work on going through the entire sheet. Have fun with your fills and be creative!

Noah- Finish Lesson 2 at 80 bpm on the metronome. Try to be able to go from one beat to the next without stopping by the end of the week.

Sylvie- Work on the Spice rhythm on the hi-hat with the kick pattern that is written on your sheet. Next week we will learn about the xylophone and I will have more indepence beats for you.

Koel- Learn the rest of Lesson 2 and try to get it up to 70 bpm for next week. Keep doing it the way you have been, and just remember to check in with the sheet music to make sure it’s correct.

Sampson- Learn the rest of Lesson 1 and try to get it up to 60 bpm for next week. Start them all very slowly and try to play through them note by note until it all is comfortable.

Thanks a lot for the great work today, see you all next week!