Hi everyone! Great work today, thanks for practicing!! It really shows when you do! Here is some more stuff to work on for next week.

Ella- Work on getting both of the Black Parade fills we’ve looked at up to tempo. The first one is pretty much there, just work on steadying it out a bit with the metronome or the recording. With the next one (just before the fast beat comes in) read it off the sheet very very slowly, then compare with what you hear in the recording, they should be the same. Move forward into the beat and try to play at tempo along with the tune.

Eric- Practice all the beats on Swing Sheet B. See if you can get them all to 110 on the metronome. Also, try playing some paradiddles across the kit like we did at the end of the lesson. Start slow ands on the snare, then increase tempo and move around the kit more (cymbals, toms, and kick are all fair game).

Jonah- Keep jamming! Think of cool instruments you might want to play in lessons and I will bring them in!

Noah- Practice playing the entire Lesson 1 beat sheet. See if you can bring all of the beats up to 80 on the metronome, by starting slowly and gradually increasing speed each day. Work on playing the fills at the bottom of the page too!! See if you can make cool fills that use the toms and cymbals.

Koel- Please look at the last line of Lesson 1 and practice playing the fills. At first, just play the rhythm on snare, then move try moving around the kit during the fills. Also, look at Lesson 2 up to #12 and try to get it up to 60 on the metronome by next lesson.

Sampson- For next lesson, practice page 2 of beats in your book. Continue on as usual learning them note by note until it is comfortable. Over time try to speed them up to a quicker tempo.

See you all soon, have fun!!!