If you haven’t yet signed up for your recital slot on December 15th, then please do so at your earliest convenience.  There are still times in every slot, but we expect them to go quickly, and some are already approaching capacity.

Call it in!

If you aren’t sure of what is available, or can’t make it in, please just give us a call at 416-651-7529.  We can book it for you over the phone, and make sure you get a time.  We are looking forward to the new venue, our first time in a theatre!

Restaurant Available

Since the theatre is attached to a restaurant, we will not be bringing our usual compliment of snacks.  The bar will be open, but if you are interested in food, you need to let us know ASAP.  They will open the restaurant, but only if we can get enough people interested.  We are not too far off at this point.  Please call us to express your interest in having a meal before or after your performance time.  Thank you!