Our Recital times at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 are FULL!

We have a wait-list open for registration at the desk, and the likely time for that will be in the morning (11:00, possibly).  Please sign up if you would like to play, at your earliest convenience.


Re-registration, Summer Lesson Registration, and Summer Camp Registration will be available beginning in May.


2013 Summer Lessons

We have worked hard to make a simple, quick way for you to re-register and indicate your interest in our Summer programs this year.  Below is a form that we are going to have out on tables for quick re-registration for you:


You can see that it is very easy to use.  Just put your name and signature in, and then choose your options.  For Summer Programs, we’ll call you to confirm the registration and details.  Lessons and Summer Camp will be processed now to retain your spot, and Summer Lesson charges will occur on the 1st of July and August.  We will call you to make sure the summer lesson time is what works for you before processing.

If you want a different lesson time in the fall, just leave the last section blank, and you can call us on May 19th to pick a new time.  You can add a short note, as shown above.

We encourage all parents to do this, and will make the forms available at the desk at the start of May, and they will be at the Recital, as well.


Summer Lesson Special Promotion

When you Register for Summer Music Lessons, we’ll waive your Registration Fee this year, PLUS give you the 9 Lessons this summer for the price of 7 (no make-ups, available for July/Aug combined lessons only).  You could save up to 129.14 by choosing to do this.  We hope you’ll take advantage!

Summer Lesson Rates

30 Minute Summer Lessons = $128.03
45 Minute Summer Lessons = $160.41
60 Minute Summer Lessons = $182.25


Don’t forget we also have some really great camps available for this summer.  There are discounts for the ABC City Camp, and we encourage you to investigate the TDSB Toronto Summer Music Camp, as well!