-Warmups (30 sec each)
-New Warm Up Song: Animal Spirits – Vulfpeck
-8 on a hand
-Singles; doubles; paradiddles
-Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
-Ride Pattern Exercise
-Fruit Salad game
Alfred Lesson 4
          *Ex. 1-8
Worksheet: Drumset Musician p. 11
*keep working on 7 a) = get it faster and more comfortable
*New Song: Doja Cat? Paint the Town Red?
Musical Alphabet
C Major Scale
note reading: lines and spaces in treble clef
*Piano Adventures p. 31


Flam Taps *work on speed
Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles – **goal tempo: 110bpm
Triplet ex. (Goal Tempo**=120)
Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance
-Larnell Lewis foot exercise


-Warmups (1min each):
Triplet Exercise 100bpm*
Sixteenth-note Exercise 75bpm*
Syncopation Book: *p. 8, ex. 7-12
Toto: Hold the Line
*work on two strategies for building speed (5 min ea)


-8 on a hand *keep closed grip for a couple weeks
-Stick Control **14-23 (110bpm)
-Roll exercise next week?
*Drumset Musician p 14, ex 5-8, a) and b), hand-to-hand version of #3
*Start Sweet Child of Mine next week
-Durand Jones and the Indications