Keep working on Bad Moon Rising, it is really coming along. Practice Twist and Shout for next week, and try to play through the whole structure (remember the bridge is A and A7). Continue to practice your bar chords from the E string. In addition, keep familiarizing yourself with the guitar neck. Keep it up!


You should keep practicing Hash pipe, it’s sounding really good! Additionally, keep practicing Say it Ain’t So with power chords. You should practice the snake exercise for a couple minutes every day (1234 up, 5432 down, 3456 up, 7654 down, etc.). Practice your open chords for next time: D A E. Keep working at the bar chord shapes: I know they are a stretch for your hand, so don’t strain yourself. Just practice the shapes for a couple minutes at a time to avoid this. Great work!


You should continue to practice your open chords for next time: G C D E A. Try to practice Twist and Shout for next week (D G A). Next week, we will learn the whole song and structure. Bring a tune for next time you would like to learn also! Nice job!


Congratulations on your first ever guitar lesson! You did great! For next time, practice Smoke on the Water and Another One Bites the Dust. Try to practice those chords I showed you, G C D (only play the top 4 strings). Also, continue to get to know your instrument. Remember the strings are E A D G B E (low to high). Keep applying your piano knowledge to guitar as well by naming each fret like we did. We will continue to work on this next time. Great to meet you! (Call the school if your guitar is not ready for next lesson. I will bring an extra!)