Hello everyone! Hope the 2nd week of school treated everyone well:)


You’re working on My Heart Will Go On. You’re exploring the first page. I would take it hands seperate for the most part. You are aware of the LH harmonies and can hear the song in your ear which is fantastic. Try to use a consistent fingering whenever possible, if you find fingering you like, write it in! Don’t assume you’ll remember :)

How much to practice: 20 minutes a day

How parents can support: Ask him what key this piece is in (E Major) and if he can name all the sharps. What is the harmony in the LH? I wrote some of it in, but prompt to see if he’s making the connection.


You’re working on Humoresque. Focus on keeping the LH ostinato light and bouncy and the RH melody shining through. When playing the entire piece through, notice the DS al coda signs. Imagine what kind of silent film this might be soundtracking and use your dynamics to illustrate it. Lovely to meet you and discuss your musical goals!

How much to practice: 15-20 minutes a day.


You’re working on putting Pumpkin Boogie hands together. The C’s are the only RH notes that get to play with the LH, the other notes are always in between all lonesome. Another thing is the dynamics, which add to the spooky mood. As the pattern moves up the octaves it gets quieter and quieter, almost like the pumpkin is moving further away! Also review the first 4 measures of Haunted Harp. Ensuring your hands are in the right spot (LH 3 on F# and RH 1 on C) sets you up for success. Try this with the pedal down for extra creep factor!

How much to practice: 15-20 minutes

How parents can support: Dynamics reminders! He does them immediately when prompted. Before he even starts playing, thinking through the “roadmap” of what story we want to tell the audience is a great habit.


You’re working on Pumpkin Boogie in the polishing stages (dynamics, same as your brother) and Eccosaise. We’re taking Eccosaise hands seperate this week to focus on LH fingering and working smarter, not harder (ie. not moving our hand around when it doesn’t need to). Doing a simple 5 finger scale with the LH is also how you should warmup this week, with focus on strengthening LH pinky.

How much to practice: 20-25 minutes

How parents can support: LH independance exercises. Anytime he’s noodling a pattern with his RH, ask him to do the same with his left.


You’re working on the I Like Song. Saying the lyrics aloud as we play, or the finger numbers are both beneficial. Any noodling around on the piano is fantastic this week, just remember to keep your loose, supported wrist, and strong foundation in your body. Practice tapping on your kitchen table with rounded fingers like we did in the lesson, and watch to make sure that last finger joint isn’t collapsing. Great work today!

How much to practice: 5-10 minutes a day

How parents can support: Parents can sit at the piano all slouchy and collapsed and ask her to “be the teacher” and tell you what you’re doing wrong. Think strong proud body, and nice relaxed arms, and strong finger joints.