Thanks for all your work this week and this whole year! We have all learned a lot and I am very proud of all of you. Here are some practice tips for the summer to keep you playing!

Ella- To continue improving and learning new material, try to improvise a bit every day. This can be anything from totally arhythmic playing to more traditional beats and fills. Additionally, try to play in time along with music you like and know pretty well. Try to play along with the drummer, while throwing in some of your own style as well. Since we’ve spent a lot of time on it, try to get Breezeblocks down too! You have everything super solid now, all that’s left to do is memorise the structure of the song, and get it all up to tempo. Have fun!

Jonah- Keep improvising! Try to play the drums a little bit every day to keep coming up with new beats and creative ways to play. Play along with songs you like, and make up cool beats to go along with them. For your summer lessons, try to learn all of Lesson 4 for Jonny, he will be very impressed if you can play all of that for him!

Koel- Try to improvise a bit every day. With your acoustic kit, you can experiment with all different types of sounds on each instrument and cool rhythms to combine these sounds. Play along with music you like and know, and try to keep in time with it as you go.

Sampson- Since we have spent time working on it already, try to finish up strong with Astronomia. You have all of the beats down solid, so now all you have to do is gradually get them up to speed and work on transitioning between sections. Repeat individual transitions and get them really strong and then work on combining larger chunks of the song.

Thanks again for some great lessons this year, I hope you all have a great summer!