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Colin Campbell

Toronto Guitar Teacher, Academic Tutor to Grade 8

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Colin Campbell2021-08-04T04:52:07-04:00

 BFA (York), B.Ed. (York)

Guitar • Bass • Rock Band • Academic Tutoring

Colin Campbell is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Toronto. For the last thirty years, he has played guitar and bass in Toronto and throughout Southern Ontario, Quebec, and New York, with numerous artists in a diverse range of styles, including jazz, classical, funk, rock, bossa nova, samba, salsa, and soukous.

Colin has also performed and recorded with many of Toronto’s top jazz musicians including Bill McBirnie, Kevin Turcotte, Michael Occhipinti, Paul Neufeld, Levon Ichkhanian, Amanda Martinez, Robert Michaels, Mark Sepic, and Rick Lazar’s Samba Squad.

One of Colin’s main area of interest is in Brazilian style guitar playing and Bossa Nova in particular. He can sometimes be seen performing with his Brazilian-born wife, Guiomar, who sings and plays percussion, and most recently his teenage son, Adriano who joins him on the alto saxophone.

Colin is also on the faculty at Lycée Français de Toronto where he is the head of the music department and leads many of the ensembles and clubs including band, guitar, and ukulele.

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, practicing jazz

Musical influences: Jazz greats: Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, Pat Martino, Toquinho, Djavan, and Joao Gilberto (Bossa nova guitar), Franco (African guitar), James Jamerson (Motown bass), James Brown, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.!

Favourite food: Brazilian-style chicken, rice, angu, farofa, and beans

Least favourite food: cilantro

Favourite music: Bossa Nova, Bebop, Funk, Classic rock

Favourite song: Amor até o fim as sung by Elis Regina

Favourite movie: Lord of the Rings

Favourite movie music: Black Orpheus

Best thing about teaching at ABC: The inspiring and fun students!

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Continue Helplessly Hoping. New this week: Here comes the sun and classical piece, “Romance”


Play through all of Skip to my Lou using the strum pattern shown. Also play whole song Hot Cross buns


Practice London Bridge, Yellow submarine, and Hot cross buns


Memorize and play chord progression of the Scientist

May 27 Gig Timings

Hello Rockers!

The timings for this coming Saturday’s gig are:

12:00 – Rock Band I (Jay’s Group) • 11:15 call time for soundcheck

12:30 – Rock Band II (Leo’s Group) • 12:15 call time, no soundcheck necessary

1:30 – Rock Band I (Jay’s Group)

2:00 – Rock Band II (Leo’s Group)

Rawlinson School is at  231 Glenholme Ave., York, ON M6E 3C7.

Don’t Forget

If you play Bass or Auxiliary Percussion, you will need to bring the equipment with you from ABC.  Be sure you do that – because they will not be brought for you.  Thanks.

What’s Next?

Both groups continue with regularly scheduled rehearsals until June 23.  We may do make-ups if necessary, which we’ll update you on as we prepare for the make-up week.

There may be new members, or member shuffling in both groups in June as we get set up and test for new groups next year.

We’ll also be calling to ask you if you would like to continue in the Fall (you can call us about this, too).  We are looking at moving both groups to Sundays for next year, in the late afternoon, and early evening.


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