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Leslie Townsend2021-08-04T04:42:03-04:00

Project Description

B. Mus. Hons (Trinity Laban, UK)
M. Mus (Vienna Privat Universität)
Violin Certificate (St. Petersburg)

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Originally from London, UK, Leslie is classically trained in violin and piano. Studying in three world famous conservatories his performing career has taken him on tour in Africa, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Inspired and supported by amazing teachers and family, starting at 8 he quickly made progress and at 14 played as soloist in Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’. Yehudi Menuhin called him ‘a player of passion and interest’.

In search of his family and musical heritage he studied in Russia,where his great grandmother had studied piano. Returning to England his string quartet won prizes at Trinity Laban and nationally before touring France and Switzerland. In Vienna he learned the precision and gracefulness of the Viennese style;before starting a busy playing career including: Music Theatre tours in Holland and Belgium, working for the BBC and teaching students.

Hobbies: Chess, drinking green tea and dancing.

Favourite Food: Ginger and oatmeal Cookies

Least Favourite Food: Okra

Favourite Music:  Classical,Soul, and old school Funk

Favourite Song: Lou Reed ‘Perfect Day’

Favourite Movie: Rublev by Tarkovsky amazing and deep cinema

Favourite Movie Music: Once Upon a Time in the West.

Favourite Musical Theatre: Miss Saigon

Favourite Opera:  La Bohème

Best Quote from a Teacher: ‘Make a good sound in the wrong place and your friends will forgive you. So just always make a good sound’

Favourite Quote: ‘Happiness is all around us, just take a deep breath and you’ll taste more of it.’

Favourite Book: Shakespeare first folio

Best thing about working at ABC:  Music has new discoveries for my students in a great, supportive environment.

Latest Homework from Leslie

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Counting to herself and new rhythm exercises

Compliment violin coordination with gentle progress


Plucking 123 on each string in a basic triplet  E,A,D,G – G,D,A,E

Plucking eee aaa eee aaa  ee aa ee aa triplets to eighth notes

Plucking missippi hot dog  ( four 8th notes and two quartet notes) on each string :

count her in 1234. next ask her to count with you – then  finally by herself. this exercise is to establish agreed tempo and pulse. This process is gradual and improve should normally be measured over a month.

Bow and right hand exercises :

Please contact me for a video of these!!! and I will need to demonstrate to you the parent ( whomever primarily monitors the practice) in the next lesson.  Written and verbal descriptions are unfortunately inadequate. I list them below for the sake of documenting what I taught so far.

How to make bow hold, spider crawl ( horizontal only), windscreen wipers, rocket bows, Stirring the cake mix. Lifting violin over the head with both hands hold for 15 seconds count it out, Holding the violin safely tucked under the right arm we not playing.


Violin care- this will require constant monitoring and become a life style habit BUT help with help enormously with life skills (i.e handling sensitive objects) : opening and closing the case safely , the basic of applying rosin to the bow , the basics of attaching the shoulder rest.

Please remember that these are all 10 -20 second exercises total practice time should not exceed 7 minutes  and usually only 3-4 minutes on a daily routine.



Preferred Books for Leslie’s Students

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Cover of Hal Leonard Music Flash Cards (Set A)

120 color-coded cards to learn basic musical symbols, all notes from low ledger C to high ledger C, and rhythm patterns in 4/4 and 3/4. Also includes cards that focus on recognition of steps and skips on the staff.

Excellent for parents to help their kids at home with musical understanding – even if the parent is not musically trained!

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