I can’t say enough how proud I am of everyone :’)


Minuet – final answer, no trills. I think it sounds great. Eliminate any rests between sections. You don’t need to do the repeats.

Sonatina – Great dynamics and flow. Ensure you are doing all your 2 note slurs including the long ones that go for a full bar, don’t connect all the notes. Down-up

Walk the Talk – big forte on the dotted quarter note parts. You sounded so in control today, love the tempo.

Witches and Wizards – really “bring out” the LH D C Bb A descending line. Quieter for the middle section to really highlight the texture change.

Prelude VII – beautiful, watch the LH bottom notes near the end, you tend to play the C before the C#…

Sight-reading is coming along well! Perfection is not the goal, bringing a “sketch” of the piece to life is. We want the general outline and steady pulse more than anything.

You seem to find descending fingering easier for scales, perhaps try descending first, and that way you can just mimic that fingering on the way up. FINGERING CHARTS HERE


Sandcastle Scurry pieces in Wunderkeys- on the same page as “Beach Day”. This section is red.

Zum Gali Gali – found here 

Warmup with your C and G major scales, both hands seperately. You can do them both contrary motion also.

Then do your C major triads, both hands seperately.


Sunset in San Pedro – great work! Let’s keep going and continue with the part where the LH goes down to Bb and does its own descending pattern.

Zum Gali Gali – found here . You can read this all super well and steady. It and Kat’s part fit together


Air in Bb – Beautiful. You fixed memory and other things from preious weeks. Sounds l0vely.

Sonatina in C – I really like this tempo. You sound super in control.

Nighttime – Great fixes. Now make the B section where the LH has the melody legato.

Cloud Dance – Slower, check metronome. perhaps it will sound more like a peaceful cloud dance, instead of prepping for a storm.

Ballade – Great dynamics! Descending chromatic part in last measure of page 1 needs to be staccato.

Technique is great and right on tempo.

Ear and sight are coming along great. Here’s some interval practice.


Minuet – Hear 8th notes inside your head immediately before playing. Hear the second line in your brain, and then you will know how fast 8th and quarter notes will sound.


Song of the Dark Woods – Beautiful! Watch you play the correct amount of Ds in the final like.

Morning Fanfare – I love how confident and controlled you sound at this tempo in the part with chords. The part where both hands have melodies can be that calm too, trust your hands to play it well and don’t rush.

Technique – you really know what you’re doing now!!! Great confidence. Listen carefully to each detail the exaniner says.

Sightreading has really improved. Count steady and don’t try and get perfection, just to bring the “sketch” of the piece out.


Entree – Big improvement! Practice playing the final measure going back to the beginning with no rest in between.

Periwinkle – Awesome! All the details are there and it sounds very controlled.

Breezy – You KILLED the overlapping ending today!!!

The Wind – Nice work! Remember you can look at the page.

Technique – Nice job!! Remember that Bb major and F major (and therefore their relative minors) have flats. But D Major (and therefore B minor) have sharps – Bb will nottttt show up in these.
Way to remember melodic = melodic mutation (different going up vs down)
harmonic Hollywood – stereotypical “middle eastern” sound

Sightreading – All you can do is your best and be so proud of your hard work! Exercise,


You did great with Mist!

*New* Moon River – first 11 bars. Get confident with both hands seperately first. I have circled the black keys. You can listen to the arrangement here.