Hello Everybody!

This has been a busy week for emails from us, one of our peak periods as we get ready for transitioning to the coming school year.

There are 3 Registrations that are open right now that need your attention:  Spring Recital, Summer Lessons, and Fall School-Year lessons.

Please register for the Spring Recital (which will be fully digital) now.  It is May 1st.  Times will be 11:00, 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30.

We have now officially ended the ‘Keep Your Time’ part of our re-registration for the Fall, and are in the ‘Switch Your Time’ portion of the process (for the 17th and 18th of April).  This means that you can choose a different time for your Fall lessons, if you would like, and if it is available.

Not registered for Fall yet?

Please call the office ASAP to book your time.  As always, you will be billed for September now to hold your spot, and regular billing will resume in October.

Summer lessons are also open now.  As always, we are teaching lessons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays so everyone can have 4-day weekends.  Since we are still facing uncertain COVID conditions we expect this to be an extremely busy time for us, so book your lessons in now!  Remember, summer is more flexible, so if you will be away or would like to plan a lighter schedule, we are able to accommodate you.


Call us at 416-651-7529 to register for your Recital and lessons times now.