Please practice your Hanon exercise every other day for 10 minutes. Remember to play ascending and descending. Also remember the whole point of the exercise is to strengthen your fingers while having fun! So  don’t play quickly, make sure your rhythm is really steady, play with the tips of your fingers (especially watch those ring fingers!), and play medium loud to loud, applying a fair bit of pressure. For fun, change up the rhythm pattern!

Entertainer: Have up to bar 16 comfortable under your fingers, hands together. Break your practicing into sections as we discussed, and be careful with you fingering. 10 minutes a day should suffice! Even just one section a day, putting it all together two days before the lesson will give you rewarding results. Have a good week!


Delightful to hear your Kumbayah, Lavender’s Blue and Nick Nack Paddy Wack. I support you wanting to learn London Bridge, which is an easy one for you, so if you can, have it memorized for next week! Please play through the Hanon exercise everyday to strengthen your fingers, see Osten’s note above. Nick Nack is a good piece for you, pay attention to where you need to play legato and remember it is a happy, upbeat song, so play loud, with lots of staccato at the beginning. Good work.


Let’s get more familiar with your breathas we explore the concepts and experiences of breath pressure and singing with relaxed strength. Singing out beautifully without becoming exhausted is the key here. Practice your candle blowing and ha ha exercises, change up the vowels as well, and stay withing the range of D above middle C to two F’s above middle C. I will bring even more music for you next week. Good work!