Hello Everybody!

There are a number of things we’d like to cover in this note, so we’ll ask you to please read it all.

We’ve Started!

If you didn’t come to class last week, we hope to see you this week. Don’t forget your books!

FREXTRA! FREXTRA! Free Extra Classes – GTA Families

If you are one of our GTA Families in Brampton, Caledon, or Vaughan, we would like to offer you free extra classes at our Brampton Centre (Mondays at 10:00) and Brampton North (Tuesdays at 10:30) locations this winter.

All you have to do is commit to the 8 week run of the class (illness notwithstanding), and you can join our Generations classes there. They will start the 20th and 21st, respectively, and we’d love to have you there. These classes will only run if we have enough participants.

Call us now to book yourself in, and double up on your classes each week at no extra charge!

Get Your Music on Your Phone and Computer – Enter Your Access Code!

This past fall we noticed that parents were singing a little less than usual, which means that kids are probably hearing less music at home!

Familiarity with the music makes every difference to your experience, and your child’s experience.

We are still encouraging you to use the bilingual access code in the front of the white booklet, but you should enter that code into your app right away when you get your materials.

Latest Schedule

Please download the latest class schedule for your reference, using the link below.



There a number of really important items we could use your help with, and hope you will be able to consider doing for us.

  1. Consider referring us your friends and family. Each family you refer to us will get you 20% off until the end of the school year, off your most expensive set of Music Together/Rhythm Kids classes. The new family gets 20% off for the same duration, and you can both keep referring families within each school year. We have had families get as much as 60% off their billing.

    It actually doesn’t matter if you know the people you refer or not – as long as they say your name, you’ll both get the 20% off. Feel free to put this on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to speak about your experience, so they know why they should register. :-)
  2. Please find your location on Google Maps and leave us a 5-Star review, detailing your personal experience of our classes. If anything about your experience is not 5-Star, please let us know so we can make it a 5-Star experience. We can only fix what we know about, and we definitely want to make these the best of your family classes.
  3. Please consider switching from Credit Card payment to PAP (Void Cheque) payments. PAP costs 85% less for us to process, which helps us keep your tuition down. At this point, it looks like we will be considering fee increases in 2020, but you can help avoid this by switching your payment method. Ready to switch? Take a photo of a void cheque, or download a PAP form from your online banking and send and email to [email protected] with the subject PAP SWITCH for YOURFAMILYNAME. Then just give us a quick call to let us know you’ve done it, and we’ll get right on making the switch.

These items are all very helpful to us.

As you know, we acquired Maple Leaf Music Together over the summer, and it has been a great, but slow start for us, and we could use your help to give us a boost. Thank you for your consideration!

Policy reminders

We’d like to remind you that we do not do withdrawals from classes in May or June, and advise you to plan your spring schedules in advance. Because our spring season runs from April through June, this means that if you decided to withdraw in April in advance of this time, you would be required to pay the $50 materials fee in addition to April’s class tuition. Please take care to avoid this inconvenience for yourselves.