I hope everyone has a great long weekend ahead!

– Reminder: Look into purchasing a shoulder rest, remember to bring your Suzuki book to class next time so I can make markings in it with my pencil!
– Recommended practice time: 15-20 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: G, D, and C Major scales, Twinkle theme and variations, Lightly Row, French Folk Song, and Song of the Wind. Now that you’ve aced the scales and Twinkle, use these to practice in front of a mirror and check your posture (bow hand and left shoulder). So that you don’t get tired of Twinkle, pick 2-3 different variations each time you practice. For French Folk Song and Lightly Row, continue practicing the notes with long bow strokes and holding out the half notes. Continue reviewing the notes and fingerings for Song of the Wind and practice counting the rests and retaking the bow.

Thank you and happy playing!