I hope everyone is staying well and healthy! Great job this week!

Hendry – great job playing the last 2 lines of Disillusion! It’s a difficult piece but I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
– Reminder: Try to set up your iPad and viola before class starts.
– Recommended practice time: 15-20 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: D Major scale (2-3 and 1-2 hand positions), Long Long Ago (listen and then play, work on even short-short rhythms and long notes), Allegro (listen and then play, work on short bouncy notes vs. long dolce notes), Question (listen and then play, first few lines), and Disillusion (listen and then play, last 2 lines).

Olivia – I appreciated hearing about the different kinds of TV and movie music you like! I’ll do my best to find Grease and Mamma Mia music, with Harry Potter and Star Wars as backup.
– Reminder: Try to set up your laptop music and violin before class starts.
– Recommended practice time: usually 30 min/day, but for now, try to set small achievable goals like we discussed
– Practice: All A scales (major, minors) 2 octaves, musictheory.net notation exercise and playing, and Judas Maccabeas. In Judas Maccabeas, try to remember what hand positions you need (1-2, 2-3, 3-4, open, or spock) to help your intonation, and also try to play the whole piece – the last few lines are the same as the first so even though we haven’t looked at it together, you should be able to play it!

Thank you and happy playing!