– Reminder: if you can, purchase Suzuki Violin Book 1 on Amazon or other music stores, link is below
– Recommended practice time: 15 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: A, D, and G Major scales (watching out for posture and bow hold while playing), Twinkle (theme and variations, choose 1 to play each time you practice), and Song of the Wind (practice 1-3-3-1-0 pattern and the retake at the last line, watching out for 4 D’s, 4 C#’s, and 3 B’s).

– Recommended practice time: 30 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: Review all 2 octave scales and G Major thirds, Tango (m. 19-27, with focus on short-long-short-long-short-short pattern in m. 21), and Plink Plank Plunk (accidentals). I know you’re focusing on school music for now but if you have the time, make sure to practice Mozart Mirror duet and Avatar State as well, so you don’t forget how to play them!

Amaia – Great work today! Starting a new instrument, especially online, can be very difficult and I admire your focus and enthusiasm!
– Reminder: see if you can purchase a shoulder rest or sponge to make playing more comfortable. They can be purchased at Long and McQuade or other music stores
– Recommended practice time: 15 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: review violin and bow parts, practice bow hold (with fingers curved, image and diagram should be in Suzuki book), pluck each string 4 times with a steady beat, and feel free to experiment and see what sounds you can make with your bow and violin!

– Recommended practice time: 20 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: C Major scale (2 octaves, making sure to do a posture and bow hand check each time before playing), Allegretto (short-short-long rhythms and accents), Andantino (short-short-long rhythm, rit. and a tempo), and Disillusion (rhythms and practice running through the song with the repeats and first/second ending).

It’s always a pleasure to teach you all! Happy playing!