Hi Team,

There are a couple of points that are consistently (year-to-year) missed when doing reviews, so I’d like to address them below.  Please note that everyone has the updated physical form in their box (with one or two exceptions).

  • the form is designed for 8.5×14 paper.  If you print it on 8.5×11, you’ll lose a lot of the information and the form will be incomplete.
  • when you do your review, you are your own reviewer (and should put your name in that slot)
  • signatures go on the document at our meeting, not at the time of completion.  This is because we may make agreements at our meeting, and you wouldn’t/shouldn’t sign off one anything you haven’t discussed and agreed to yet.
  • the guidance for scoring is ‘8’.  This means that all categories are being done ‘by the book’.
  • scores above ‘8’ (where answers are not forced choice) should be for truly above-and-beyond efforts.
  • the ‘During the Lesson’ section is not part of the scoring process, but for reference, consideration, and introspection.  I also like to see how you think you are doing in-situ.

Please take the time to understand the above points so that your reviews are in-line with expectations.

Once again, please accept my apologies for the missed notifications in December, and remember that the new deadline for this is the 20th of January.