I hope everyone is making the best of this heat and enjoying it while it lasts!


Thank you for such a fun lesson Simone. This week you can work on remembering your finger numbers and groups of 2 and 3 black keys on the piano. Try out the two songs we worked on Mary had a little lamb and hot cross buns. Try to practice everyday and I will see you next week.


What a great lesson Zoe, this week you need to work on Floating balloon, and Flute of the Andes. As you play remember to count out loud to keep a steady tempo. You can also practice Jack and the beanstalk and try singing and  playing at the same time. Practice everyday and I will see you next week.


Thank you for a great lesson Kate. This week we worked on figuring out what a low abdominal breath feels like. Try out the exercises that we did in class to help you throughout the week. We also worked on our “oo” vowel and “EE” vowel. Always keep your eyes open, think soft eyes and breath in through your mouth. See you next week.