Hannaford Youth Bands

This past weekend the Hannaford Youth Bands hosted one of their 2012-13 concerts at the Church of the Redeemer, and Bloor and Avenue Road.

ABC encourages our brass students to join this group, because it is a great opportunity to share music making outside of lessons, practicing, and personal enjoyment.  The Hannaford Bands are uniquely for Brass instrumentalists, which makes for a group of kids that is totally like-minded.  Additionally, the groups are coached by some of the best musicians in the city.  Not surprisingly, the kids involved with this group are really good kids!

Our Students & Hannaford

This year we are delighted to have 4 students in the Hannaford Bands:

  • Justin – Cornet (Trumpet)
  • Eric – Euphonium
  • Brianna – Cornet (Trumpet, and Bass at ABC)
  • Blaise – (Tuba)

Hannaford KidsLeft to Right: Eric, Justin, Brianna, Blaise

Composition Première!

Blaise Introduces CompositionBlaise introducing ‘The Perfect Storm’

In addition to excellent outings by our students on their instruments, one of the Bands premiered a composition by Blaise, entitled ‘The Perfect Storm.  It was a rousing and interesting piece, performed with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  We look forward to more exciting work from Blaise in the future!  Congratulations!



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