Hello Team,

We now have air conditioners installed in all but the basement studio.

For the upstairs studios, please take care, as I consider the installations preliminary and not the most secure.  I will make an effort to secure them better in the coming days.

Energy Efficiency

These units are not the most energy efficient, which was a difficult decision to make, based on keeping our costs down.  I ask you to use these not to chill the room, but rather to bring the room to a low humidity and manageable temperature state.  We are always working hard towards growing the school (getting you more students), and we are pushing towards getting out of the house and into a larger space.  This has been an ongoing effort, but we can only achieve this if our efforts are consistent on all fronts.  Controlling the air conditioning costs in is an area that you can be effective in, and in which I appreciate your efforts.  Thank you!