Hey everyone,

David will be teaching lessons again this Tuesday, but I’ll be back the week after. Miss you!



Practice time: 45 min/day

Basic Beats 5 – 7 (Play along to All Time Low by Jon Bellion)

Triplets worksheet

  • This will help you with Seven Nation Army.
  • The blue text is what you should count as you play.
  • Play the bass drum on every quarter note, even though it’s not written on the page.
  • Pattern 1: These are called 8th-note triplets. Alternate your sticking (R-L-R-L, etc.).
  • Pattern 2: Right hand only, but tap the rests on your thigh with your left hand.
  • Pattern 3: Sounds the same as Pattern 2, but written as quarter-note triplets (two 8th notes = 1 quarter note, so two 8th-note triplets = 1 quarter note triplet).
  • Pattern 4: Right hand only.
  • Pattern 5: The green letters below the notes indicate the sticking.


Practice time: 20 min/day

The following exercises should be played along to:


Count “1, 2” out loud. You should be counting at the same speed¬†that they sing “Sponge-bob-square-pants!” (count “1” on “sponge” and “square,” and “2” on “bob” and “pants”. Be sure not to only count during that section of the song; you should be counting throughout.


  • Play the hi-hats with your left hand each time you say a number.
  • Then, only play the hi-hats and bass drum as you say “1”.
  • Then, only play the hi-hats and snare drum as you say “2”.
  • Then, play the hi-hats and bass drum on “1,” AND the hi-hats and snare drum on “2”.


Practice time: 30 min/day

While playing along to Hotel California, practice:

  • Basic Beats 5-7
  • 3 bars of the main beat, followed by a fill of your choosing in the 4th bar. Repeat without stopping. Try different fills.
  • With your right hand on the hi-hat, play 4 bars of 16th notes (1 e + a, 2 e + a, 3 e + a, 4 e + a) followed by 4 bars of quarter notes. Repeat.


Practice: 20 min/day

Single-Stroke Roll

  • Practice the single-stroke roll with a metronome. Each time you hear a click, you should hit the drum. If you don’t have a metronome, you can use this online one.
  • The number tells you how fast the clicks are. I want you to start at 90 and once you feel comfortable playing the roll at that speed, go to 95. Keep going up by 5 until you can’t play any faster.

“1, 2” beat

  • Count “1, 2” out loud.
  • Play the hi-hat with your right hand each time you say a number.
  • When you’re comfortable with only playing the hi-hat, add in the bass drum as you say “1”.
  • When you feel comfortable playing the hi-hat and bass drum, also add in the snare drum as you say “2”.