Hi all!  Nice to see you again after a week away!

Reminder:  Google Drive link:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe

Mia:  You’re working on Rock Song and Rockets for the recital.  The accompaniment part is in your google drive folder, and you can use them to practice with.  You’re also working on Come Fly from the Recital book.  Remember to look for patterns in the music – is the melodic line moving up or down?  By step or by skip?  Use the metronome for all of your practice to help ensure correct rhythms!  15 minutes practice daily.

Maleeya:  You’re working on Yellow Spaceship and The Ice Cream Truck. Both pieces only use quarter notes and half notes, and both pieces are in Middle C position, where your thumbs share middle C.   Make sure you are holding down the half notes for two full beats, and that you are starting the pieces with the correct thumb on middle C.  Most importantly, keep your eyes on the music once you have your hands set in the correct hand position.  15 minutes practice daily.

Andre:  Welcome back!  You’re working on tongue trills and consonant onset exercise for technique, and Fly Me To The Moon for repertoire.  Use the Frank Sinatra recording as a model for the swing style elements.  Transcribe (listen to and repeat) the first verse of the Frank Sinatra version for next week!

Paula:  You’re working on I Dreamed a dream – Keep your vowels open, and don’t close to the second part of the diphthong too quickly – save it for the release of the note!

Olivia:  Fight Song – working on accurate entrances.  Write in the counting for the first bar of each phrase so that you can count when you come in.  Match your voice top and bottom by bringing the sound quality from the top to your lower notes, not the other way around.  And work on pronunciation, especially final consonants so your audience can understand the story – the story is the best part of the song! 20 minutes a day practice.

Arjean:  You’re working on a brand new tune – How Deep Is The Ocean.  Learning resource is in the Google drive folder.  Watch for diphthongs [a-i], and find a recording of a female singer singing this piece and come ready to discuss next week!  20 minutes a day practice.