What to practice: This week Sebastian I want you to keep working on playing beats with fills like we did today! Here are some other ones you can try as well.

How to practice effectively: For fills the important thing is to count when you start and make sure that you land on beat one. Try starting the fill on beat 3 and playing for two beats and going back to the groove on beat 1. Be creative and try mixing and matching different grooves with different fills!

Great to play with you again this week!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: This week Lucas I want you to keep playing the beats for Lesson 7

How to practice effectively: Keep hacking at these a little bit more. Remember that its ok to go slowly and stop and start when you’re practicing, but when you’re playing for real you need to be able to make mistakes and keep going so make sure to practice the beats without stopping too.

Great job with these so far!



How many minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to work on Lesson 13 Beats and come up with 5 beats of your own! Here is the video I made to help with Lesson 13:

How to practice effectively: This week Jonah I want you to come up with 5 unique beats of your own, you can even name them after different foods if you want to! For Lesson 13 just take a little of time this week to run through them all. Remember Jonah, a little bit of practice goes a long way and I’m happy for you to play drums everyday even if its not always the assignment, having fun and getting better is always the most important part!

Thanks for a great lesson!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: Your assignment this week Samson is to keep working through Todd Rundgren’s It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference. Here is the UPDATED TRANSCRIPTION.

How to practice effectively: Really great job today, it was all coming together pretty nicely! At this point you’re ready to start playing the song without the music so try and only use the sheet to refresh your memory. Play with the song a lot and make sure that you’re not slowing down in the transitions. Remember to keep the triplets tight and listen to make sure you’re playing in time with the song. Next week we’ll keep trucking through it and hopefully finish. Also here is my video about the last fill if you still need it:

Sooo great to see you in person!!



How many minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Sam I want you to practice the Stick Control Exercise with the feet, the Lesson 5 beats with the hi-hat variations, and the double beat exercise.

How to practice effectively: I think we went over everything for the stick control exercise, just remember to use your wrists and relax, remembering to come up off the drum head and play everything as evenly as possible. For the Lesson 5 beats, try them out with the hi-hat pedal playing on the down beats  (1 2 3 4) and the “and” of each beat ( + + + +). Then work on this double beat exercise. If you can’t remember how it goes here’s a great video from snarescience breaking it down:

Thanks for an awesome lesson!