Do you find yourself humming songs from class, or belting them out in the car when no one is around?

You might be a Music Together teacher!

Do you feel tempted to sing to crying children in public when their parents seem exasperated?

You might be a Music Together teacher!

Do you find yourself singing along to other parents singing to their children on the bus?

You might be a Music Together Teacher!

We’re Hosting a Music Together Teacher Training November 14-16

…and we want you to join us!

This year ABC more than doubled its Music Together locations, from 5 to 11!

As part of the expansion we need more teachers, and would like to invite you to think about taking the teacher training.

What’s involved?

The Music Together Teacher Training is 27 hours over 3 days. It is a very intense experience, and must be fully attended.

It is followed by a 10-week, single class, paid apprenticeship, which would run from January through March, in one of our regular classes.

Are There Pre-Requisites or Qualifications Needed?

The simple answer to this is no.

Obviously we have some basic criteria, such as availability to teach, clearing a Vulnerable Sector Record Check, and having a pleasant and patient disposition, but you do not need to be a musician or musically trained to do the training and become a teacher.

We have teachers who come from Theatre, Dance, ECE (early childhood education), public school teaching backgrounds, or who were just parents in one of our classes! All of these folks are great teachers, and we’d love to add to their ranks.

Singing in tune and in time is necessary to pass the training, however.

Nervous or Unsure About This, But Excited About the Idea?

Don’t be! We provide a lot of support, ongoing training, and availability of our team internally.

We support each other, and we’ll support you.

Is There a Cost?

Typically there is a cost for these 3-day trainings, but ABC can cover part of the cost itself, and the remainder through a grant, making the training free for you. In exchange, the trained teacher agrees to join the ABC teaching team for 2 years.

How Do You Sign Up?

First thing to do is to call the office at 416-651-7529 and ask to speak to Barnaby. You’ll have a preliminary chat about your availability in general, your background, and to give you some information about what you can expect to experience, pay rates, time commitment, and more.

Still reading? Call us now! 416-651-7529



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