Hi Everyone!

Here are your assignments for this week:


Keep going on “She Talks To Angels” and putting the sections together.  Also check out the E major scale in 6th position we looked at, be sure to stay with one finger per fret, keep your hand relaxed and use the “baseball grip” as a starting place.  Work on fretting chords with all fingers at the same time, and try partial shapes as well (2 notes instead of 3 notes)


Play through the C major scale exercise (C C D C CD E D C….etc) Stick to one finger per fret in open position (1, 2, 3, 4).  Also work on your “F” bar chord with the first finger “barring” across all strings – do the “hand on/hand off” exercise.


Play twinkle twinkle little star, with the new part we learned this week.  Be sure to play with the skin of your finger so your nail doesn’t touch the fingerboard.  Also work on tuning your guitar with the tuner you have, listen and check the screen for whether the note needs to come higher or lower.  Remember, if your D string comes up as “C” it’s too low most likely.  Musical alphabet is ABCDEFGABCDEFG which repeats the higher and lower you go.