Hi Matthew!

Good to see you again.

We didn’t dig into the breathing exercise.  You should keep that going every day, however, as it is an effort in maintenance and increasing your effectiveness.

We spent time on enlarging and stabilizing sound, mostly in the _Low F_ exercise. We only really did the first 6-8 bars, and without dynamics, phrasing, or nuance. I was just after a big, consistent quality of sound. You can get it, and his consistency is much higher than it was the last time I saw you, so well done! You should be in fine shape by late winter, and moving consistently through new things *if* you keep yourself honest in what little practice gets done.  This just means approaching each session with a plan, so you can make the most of your time.  15 seconds of thought will make a huge difference each time you play.

On the embouchure front, you are almost at the right position of 2/3 upper lip, and 1/3 lower. With a little reminding, you gets it, and then the sound opens up.

In tandem with that, posture is better, as well (when standing). Keep the slide on the left of the stand. I think standing is the way to go until you are committed to good posture. While at home, use the mirror (always).

We did just a little of Georgia, and introduced the idea of direction by creating a step up, or increase volume from one note to the next. To your credit, you asked about what phrasing marks were, which I loved.  We’ll introduce that idea when some other basic areas achieve consistency.

Remember: you should be fairly pleased, considering the time you have. I also encourage you to keep using the information you’re given to balance out the low practice time, so that you can be thoughtful in the approach to the instrument to compensate. Hopefully that is helpful!

I look forward to an even bigger leap forward in your playing for next time!