Remember to keep your wrists relaxed when you play (also your shoulders). Little River and Mexican Jumping Beans sound great as always. We’re going to keep working on “Haunted House” for next week – I hope you’ll have the whole thing prepared for our next lesson. Remember that the last notes (the lowest note on the piano) have to be super quiet and creepy, like a haunted house. Also, I’m going to check your theory homework on Page 27. See you next week!


Keep working on the G Major scale for this week – if you get confused with the fingerings, just play your C Major scale again. They use the exact same fingerings. Cowboy Song is starting to sound really good! Just be careful not to get faster with the right hand just because it is easier for you to play the right hand! Practice both the regular rhythm and the swing rhythm. Also, don’t forget to practice Magic Man this week. Finish learning the right hand, and if you have time, try learning the left hand as well.

See both of you next week – good work!