Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


This week, work on the first two lines of the Hungarian Dance. Pay close attention to stickings and try to do it the same way every time. Also, think about transitions and where your mallets are moving from one measure to the next. Also, continue to practice scales and sight-reading *every day* at the beginning of your practice session. This is the only way that these things will continue to improve.


Practice beats 7 and 8 for next week. Remember to practice them slowly and to count out loud while you play. This will help you to develop accuracy and consistency. Also, review the work that we have done on drum fills. Practice playing fills together with some simple drum beats. Be creative and try to think about different ways to move around the drums.


Keep working on the jazz rhythms that we did this week. Try to “sing” the melodic snare drum rhythm in your head before you start to play it. If you can get the sound of it in your ear then it will be easier to coordinate it with the other parts of the beat. Remember to practice at a variety of speeds, both slow and fast.