Happy New Year!

Here is the homework for this week:


This week we talked about articulation. This mean how we play each note in terms of length and attack. We listened to the song “Africa” by Toto and listened to the main riff and how they were playing each note. Use these sounds and what you hear to focus on playing the riff with more articulation. Make it feel more lively and really try to get into the groove.

Continue to practice the chord progression for the chorus as well. Focus on being able to continuously loop the chords so that you can keep the chords going for the whole chorus.


This week we talked about rhythm and more specifically how it relates to the song we are working on, “Ahead by a century”. Try to pick out the rhythms the guitar is playing in the song just by listening and trying to pick it up by ear. This is a really important skill to practice and build on.

We also started looking at the chords for the chorus: A and B minor. Practice playing these chords back and forth slowly. Remember to focus on sound over speed.



Additional info:

Places to see Jazz:

The Rex Hotel (Osgoode station)

The Emmet Ray (College and Dovercourt)

Jazz Bistro (Dundas Square – Victoria street)

120 Diner (Church Street)

Burdock Music Hall

Also check out comingupstraightahead.com This has all the venues in TO that host jazz and live music.