Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week. For those of you that I won’t see for a make-up lesson next week, have a great summer!


Listen to Misty Mountain Hop a few times this week to get an idea for the form and structure of the song. Practice the main beat and the half-time beat and work on transitioning between them. Also, use the fill that we worked on as a starting point to working out your own fills to play in the song.


Keep working on the rudiments that Branden showed you last week, as well as the drum roll that we practiced this week. These skills are very important for every drummer and take a long time to develop. Spend at least a little time on them every time you practice. Also, take a look at the triplet fills that we worked. Practice playing the six-note fills as 2 groups of 3 notes and as 3 groups of 2 notes.


Practice the stick control exercises that we worked on this week: the singles, the doubles, and the paradiddles. Always practice them slow and make sure you have the right sticking (rights and lefts). See how many times in a row you can play the paradiddle before you make a mistake.