Hi! Sorry this is so late.


Practise these fills one at a time. You can hear how they sound in this video. Loop the fill (by itself) over and over again until you feel confident playing it. Then play three bars of any drum beat you’d like followed by one bar of the fill. Again, that’s three bars of a random drum beat, one bar of the fill. Loop this pattern until you feel confident playing it. Do this for each fill on the sheet (or as many as you’d like).


Same as last week: keep chipping away at the gospel drum beats. I recommend starting with the beats we didn’t cover in our lesson (#4-7) before reviewing the others. Other than the Waltz, try playing them along to some songs you like.


Clap/drum just the rhythm (ignore the pitches) to this song and try to figure out which famous nursery rhyme it is.


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