Hey Will. We talked about doing a lot of things today but I think it would be good to focus on just one for practising this week. This sheet contains drum patterns that require you to play single strokes on the hi-hat (mostly). Practising single strokes with a metronome will make you a faster drummer and get you closer to being able to play those fast fills we were talking about. Practise as many of the patterns as you’d like, but at the very least, work on the first one. Set your metronome to a slow tempo (ex. 40 bpm) and once you can play the pattern a few times in a row without making a mistake, increase the speed by 5 or 10 bpm (beats per minute). Repeat this process until you can play it really fast (ex. 140 bpm).


Learn as many of these gospel beats as you’d like. Here is a video where you can hear an explanation and demonstration of each one. Performed by Toronto’s own Larnell Lewis.


Scattered throughout this page are some good 16th-note exercises with audio examples. If you feel up to it, count 16th notes out loud while you clap/play the written ones.